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Cheapest Overnight Shipping Option| FlagShip Canada

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According to a 2021 survey, 68% of buyers agreed that they would place an online order if the shipping method offered was fast; buyers are no longer tolerating long delivery times. Then, consider the high potential of shopping cart abandonment if your shipping rates are too high. With customer expectations moving to a faster and more affordable delivery model, what shipping options does your business provide? Does your business offer the cheapest overnight shipping option available? If so, you are on the right path! If not, you are in the right place to learn more and see what options are available for your business.

What is overnight shipping?

Overnight shipping, also called ‘next day delivery,’ is a delivery option that offers a premium shipping experience to your customers — faster delivery to meet their demands and expectations. Overnight shipping is an extremely popular option for online shoppers. It can be used for all types of packages, but it particularly suits those who need to get their items as soon as possible.

Overnight shipping is often more expensive than other shipping options, however, it is a great option for any business who needs to send their packages quickly and reliably. Sending via Canada Post won’t cut it if your customer is seeking a short delivery time – so, what are your options for the cheapest overnight shipping?

How does overnight shipping work?

Next day delivery (also called overnight delivery) is offered by many courier companies, whether it is by Ground or Air service. When creating a shipment online with a courier company, you will be presented with the option to select the service available for your need, print your shipping label and schedule the pickup date. Most courier pickup and delivery times are on business days. Weekend pickup or delivery may be available in some locations but at an additional cost. There is also a cut-off time for same-day pickup and depending on your shipping location, this cut-off can be at 3 pm, noon or even 10 am in some cases. (When in doubt about the cut-off time, please verify with the courier or service provider).

The wonderful thing about using a next-day service is that you have the option to drop off your package at a courier pickup location or have it picked up directly from your home/office. Once your shipment arrives at the courier terminal, they sort it in a way to meet the service level expectations. It may leave by truck if the consignee location is regional or within the same province or put on a plane for long-distance locations.

For example, if you are shipping from Toronto to North Bay, it will take the truck line-haul. But if you are shipping to Vancouver from Toronto, then it will leave by plane for the closest airport, brought to the local terminal, and then put on the delivery vehicle.

Many couriers do offer different Next Day services, ranging from:

Next business day by 6:00 pm
Next business day by Noon

Next business day by 10:30 am
Next business day by 9:00 am Be aware that the more express, time-sensitive service you select, the more it will cost you. But you can offer the options to your customers, and they may accept to pay a higher shipping fee by selecting the option that suits their needs.

Remember also that those express services are often guaranteed, which means that if the courier does not deliver on time, the shipping cost will be credited. The Guaranteed Express service is not always offered automatically. Please make sure to read the fine print.

What affordable overnight shipping options are available?

There are several overnight shipping options like priority overnight shipping by FedEx, standard overnight delivery by FedEx and UPS, Purolator Express Envelope and some more.

However, to get the cheapest option, it is important to know that the bigger your shipment, the more expensive it is. When calculating shipping costs, destination, weight, and dimension of the package will contribute to the cost of shipping.

How do I prepare my package for overnight shipping?

Preparation of your packaging for shipping overnight is remarkably simple. It must always be done according to the product you are shipping. Documents or light non-fragile products may be put in an envelope (9×12 inches or bigger) or a bubble envelope. Any cardboard boxes must be adapted to the dimensions and weight of the products shipped. And if you have a fragile item, you can follow the instructions here.

What are the pros and cons of overnight shipping?


Faster service
More expensive than regular postal service

Guarantee or money back (selected services)
Cut-off time to be respected

Happier customers
It involves more planning ahead

What is the best way to save time and money with overnight shipping using FlagShip?

Integrate a shipping app such as FlagShip, which gives you access to several shipping options.

Compare courier shipping rates using FlagShip’s online shipping systems.
Let your customer select his preferred courier and service transit time.
Package your shipment appropriately. Are you planning to offer customers excellent service? Then, fast shipping is no longer an option. It is a necessity for customer satisfaction.

As a small business or an eCommerce store, offering customers a range of shipping options, including overnight shipping is important but you must also ensure that your shipping costs are well within reason too. Considering both the rates and speed of the shipping carriers is vital.

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